Towards sustainable, climate-neutral farming systems

AgZero+ is an ambitious five-year research programme supporting the UK’s transition towards domestic food production that is sustainable, carbon-neutral and has a positive effect on nature. The programme brings together a community of researchers and farmers to evaluate innovative farming methods and to define practical pathways to achieving “net zero plus” arable and livestock farm systems.

AgZero+ is aiming to:

  • Define new pathways to achieving net zero through innovative UK farming systems which minimise trade-offs between agricultural productivity and the environment
  • Establish a network of innovative study farms to undertake integrated monitoring of greenhouse gases in combination with observations of multiple agronomic and environmental outcomes.
  • Consider the social and economic barriers to implementing net zero and sustainable farming practices.
  • Provide the research community, policy makers and the farming industry with real-time, high-quality data, models, and tools to enable the transition to net zero plus agriculture
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Net zero plus

There is an urgent need for long-term, strategic research to help design new farming systems which will produce sufficient food whilst reducing emissions and pollution, protecting biodiversity, and enhancing soil health. We call this approach ‘net zero plus,’ as it balances the need for net zero emissions with wider environmental concerns.

Innovation and Resources

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Providing data

The programme will provide data from national sensor networks, satellites and a network of commercial study farms and study catchments. These will be made available to the research community and other stakeholders through data portals and advanced digital tools to support environmental planning and management.

Working in partnership

Achieving net zero plus agriculture requires cross-disciplinary research and cross-sector collaboration. AgZero+ is being delivered by experts from leading research institutes in partnership with industry, governments, and charities. The UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH) will lead implementation and support its operation working in partnership with NERC, BBSRC, Rothamsted Research Institute, British Geological Survey, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, and the National Centre for Earth Observation.

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AgZero+ is funded with £7.8 million from the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and £5 million from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC).

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Get involved in AgZero+

We welcome opportunities for you to get involved with AgZero+. New partnerships with the academic community and farming industry to address critical knowledge gaps are particularly welcome. There are many ways to get involved with us. 


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