The farm health check

The UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology is offering farmers a FREE and confidential farm environmental health check.

Farm health check



Free farm health check

Why are we offering a free farm health check?

We have been awarded funding from UK Research & Innovation to support the transition of UK agriculture to what we call ‘Net Zero+’.
Key to achieving this will be to provide farmers with free access to accurate, impartial, and reliable data on their greenhouse gas emissions, carbon stocks, pollution risks and biodiversity impacts. We will use this knowledge to work with farmers to develop new and innovative low-carbon and sustainable farming systems.

What are we offering?


For Gatekeeper users

We have developed a series of three specialised reports, which you will be able to select from the reports window and send them to UKCEH as a .csv file 
1.    UKCEH farm health check field list – contains data on each of the fields on the farm, such as field names, areas, crop type, target yields, yields etc. Also contains map sheet number and NG number needed to determine the location of a field.
2.    UKCEH farm health check field operations – contains data on field operations including seeds, fertiliser, herbicides, and machinery applied to/used on each of the fields.
3.    UKCEH farm health check fertilisers applied – contains further breakdown/detail on the fertilisers applied, including date and rate of application.

Please refer to our Gate Keeper support Guide for users. 

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For Muddy Boots users

All you need to do is:
1.    Login to your grower management greenlight account.
2.    Follow these instructions  to share your site with us (use as the recipient).

The benefits to you

This will enable us to link your farm management data with our state-of-the-art models to provide you with estimates of the following key factors:

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What you need to do

For the farm environmental health check we simply need your:
⦁    SBI number 
⦁    Agri-environment agreement number
⦁    Granted access to Gatekeeper or Muddy Boots (see above)
All this information will be kept in the strictest confidence and not shared with any other parties.

Keeping your data safe and confidential

UKCEH fully comply with all current data protection regulations, and we ensure all personal data is kept securely. The data will not be shared with third parties. We also understand the commercial sensitivity of farm location and management data and will keep this information confidential. Any reporting from the project will present high level summary data, which will be anonymised. It will not be possible to identify individual farm enterprises. Full terms & conditions of data use are available via our privacy notice

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