Establishing a network of innovative study farms

The AgZero+ team is working with farmers to establish a network of innovative study farms which will provide new data and knowledge to support the UK agriculture's transition towards net-zero emissions and reduced pollution whilst enhancing biodiversity, production and soil and water health. In addition to making detailed on-farm environmental measurements, we will evaluate the social acceptability and economic implications of new innovations and farming systems to achieve net zero.

The network comprises three levels

  • Free farm health check - all farms will be offered a free assessment of their emissions, carbon stocks, pollution risk and biodiversity impacts
  • Innovation farms -  we will work with leading innovative farmers to measure their farming systems
  • Farm labs – we will co-design new innovations with farmers and test these on a small number of farms and existing experimental platforms


Practical guide to sustainable farming video series screenshot

Practical guide to sustainable farming video series

Our video series from AgZero+ is for farmers who want to know about new farming techniques, biodiversity and everything that goes with that. Through the videos we bring you real life examples and tips on what works and what doesn't.

Living Farm Labs

Our aim is to provide UK farmers with free, high-quality data on practices for reducing GHG emissions and capturing carbon, and their trade-offs or synergies with agricultural yield and multiple environmental outcomes.