Working with leading innovative farmers

In addition to our free farm health check, we will work with leading innovative farmers to measure their existing innovative practices and farming systems. This will involve expert surveyors making detailed on-farm measurements of innovations, such as agroforestry, intercropping, legume permaculture, soil amendments, soil amendments, peatland re-wetting and novel crop rotations.



Measurements will include:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions using portable gas analysers
  • Soil carbon nitrogen stocks to 1m depth
  • Soil health and function
  • Soil biodiversity
  • Beneficial insects (pollinators and natural enemies of crop pests)
  • Rates of natural pest control
  • Butterflies and bees
  • Extent and condition of wildlife habitats
  • Autonomous monitoring of farmland biodiversity (birds, bats, amphibians, moths) using computer vision and eco-acoustic monitoring 

This data will be provided to participating farms and summary data will made available to the farming community.