We welcome opportunities for you to get involved with AgZero+. New partnerships with the academic community and farming industry to address critical knowledge gaps are particularly welcome.

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Farmers and the farming industry

We are keen to provide farmers with high integrity data to inform management decisions on their farms to support sustainable, low-emission agriculture.

There are a number of ways you can work in partnership with AgZero+

1. The AgZero+ farm network 

2. The Precision Yield Network 

Read more below. 

For enquiries please contact our office.

The AgZero+ farm network

a) Free environmental health check

All farms joining the network will be offered a free health check.


Benefits include:

Please join our pilot scheme and help us develop the farm environmental health check.

  1. Complete this sign-up form
  2. Share your farm management data with us. Please refer to the Gatekeeper and Muddy Boots sections on our Farm health check page.

b) Detailed measurements of innovations

On a sample of farms, we will make detailed measurements of new innovations in farm management. We will send expert surveyors to make detailed ground measurements of management innovations designed to reduce emissions and increase sustainability.


The precision yield network

We are working with farmers to analyse large volumes of precision yield and input data to determine how factors such as soil, climate, landscape, diversity of beneficial species and management affect yield performance and resilience over time.

Participating farmers will receive


Find out more

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Researchers and students

A key function of the AgZero+ programme is to support research through access to farm networks  and through access to detailed national data sets describing food production and the environmental footprint of agriculture

To discuss complementary research programmes, future grants or student projects contact our programme co-ordinator who will direct you to the relevant Lead Scientist. 

Please contact our office.